GIS Mapping

Welcome to the Iredell County GIS Maps and websites. We have compiled these maps and websites for the use of the public as an index of most useful interactive webpages. Websites are comprised of data and records from many different local counties to help visualize and graphically orient GIS Data for the general public and businesses. If you have a concern about your property as it appears on this website, please visit or call us.

 Our GIS online site includes:
  • Tax mapping data
  • Floodplain maps
  • Zoning maps
  • Fire maps
  • Topo maps
  • Elections Maps and other useful geographic data

See the Help page for website instructions. 

GIS Map Gallery

GIS Map Gallery

The Iredell County GIS Department has produced a collection of various maps in PDF format such as Township Map, precinct maps, ZIP Code Map and other helpful maps.

ArcGIS Open Data & Data Resources

ArcGIS Open Data & Data Resources

Iredell County GIS resources are available for download with data such as addresses, streets and parcels shapefiles; plus other data from external GIS sources.

  • ARCGIS Online
  • Topo Contours
  • NCDOT SR# Lookup
  • US Census Bureau
  • Western Foothills of North Carolina Regional GIS website
  • Regional address finder
  • External data links

Map Use Notice

The use of the tax and/or mapping information provided on this site constitutes your understanding and acceptance of the following conditions:
  • The maps prepared for this website are generated from recorded deeds, plats, and other public records. Users of these maps are hereby notified that the information provided herein should be verified. Iredell County assumes no legal responsibilities for any of the information contained on this site. Users are advised that the use of any of this information is at their own risk.
  • All maps on this site were prepared using a 1,000-foot grid based upon the North Carolina State Plane Coordinate System from the 1983 North American Datum.
  • The delinquent real property tax overlay is updated monthly. The information presented is not intended to be used or relied upon as official notice of tax liens