Applying for a New Marriage License


Applicants please submit your pre-application here before coming in person. This application needs to be completed on a computer's web browser. (Mobile devices such as phones, tablets, etc. do not always allow the application to work)  We ask all applicants fill out this online application prior to their visit. After completing the online application, applicants must appear in person in either our Statesville or Mooresville Office to obtain their Marriage License. 

***Please note, BOTH marriage applicants MUST arrive in person to complete the issuance process by 4:00 PM.  The Register of Deeds only issues licenses from 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday.***

Please read the following prior to your visit:

In order to get married in North Carolina, couples must obtain a marriage license at a Register of Deeds office.  You can apply for the license at either our Statesville office or our Mooresville office.  If you have filled out your personal information online before coming in, the process will only take about 15 minutes. The license itself costs $60 and a certified copy to use as proof of your marriage can be purchased in our office for an additional $10.

The Iredell County Register of Deeds office has three requirements to apply for a m

arriage license:

1. Both applicants must be present at the time of applying and provide one
valid form of picture identification. The following IDs are acceptable:

a. Driver’s License/State Issued ID Card
b. United States Passport
c. Valid Foreign Passport (further proof may be required pending Register approval)
d. United States Military ID

2. Both applicants must provide
proof of social security number in one of these forms:

a. Social Security Card
b. Last Year's Tax Return Form (W-2,W-9, 1099, 1098) (if full SSN is included)
c. Recent Pay Stub (if full SSN is included)
d. If you have another form of reasonable proof, please call to confirm whether it is acceptable

* Note:   Applicants who do not have and are not eligible for a Social Security number may obtain a marriage license by signing an affidavit attesting to this fact.  This affidavit is available at our office at the time of license issuance.

3. Both applicants must provide a certified copy of their birth certificate. (MUST be certified)
***Note:  Passports DO NOT count as certified birth certificates.***

*Divorced applicants must provide the date of their divorce finalization. If the divorce has been in the past 30 days, a certified true copy or original divorce decree must be presented.

Applicants under 18 years of age:

  • Applicants under 18 years of age must also provide certified copies of their birth certificates and written consent by either the parents or a guardian(s) with full or joint legal custody of the applicant.  This consent form is available at our office as well.  
  • Per NC Law, individuals who wish to marry prior to the age of 18 MAY ONLY marry someone NO OLDER THAN 4 YEARS THEIR SENIOR.

* Note:  Applicants under the age of 16 are unlawful to marry in the State of North Carolina.

After receiving your license:

After we issue your marriage license, it is valid for 60 days to be used anywhere in North Carolina.  Once the marriage ceremony is performed, the officiant (Magistrate, Minister, Priest, etc.) and the two witnesses of your choice must fill out the bottom section of both copies of the marriage license.  The completed marriage license (both copies) must then be returned to our office within 10 days of the ceremony.

If you wish to (1) change your name or (2) update any other account information, you can obtain a certified copy ($10) of the marriage license in our office at any time during business hours.  You will use this certified copy as proof of your marriage and take it to the Social Security office and update your account.  You may then update any other documentation, such as a Driver’s License, at the DMV, after 24 hours.  Congratulations from our staff on your upcoming marriage!

 Magistrate Marriage Ceremonies

If you wish to get married by the magistrate, you will need to bring 2 witnesses and an additional $50.00 to pay for the ceremony. Our office will supply you with the form for submitting payment to the clerk of court's office for your marriage ceremony upon request. 

Magistrate Ceremony Hours:  (please contact the Magistrate's Office at (704)-832-6619 for most up to             date hours and information regarding ceremonies)

  • Monday - Friday, 11:30am to 3pm (excluding holidays)

  • Saturdays, 9am to 11am (excluding holidays)

***TO BE MARRIED ON A SATURDAY: One of the two applicants must be an Iredell County resident and ceremony must be paid for during regular business hours Monday-Friday at the clerk of court's cashier window.