Accepted Recyclables

Please "Recycle Right" by ensuring that the items you recycle are free of contaminants.  Contamination happens when non-recyclable items are mixed into the recycling stream!  High quality materials are mandatory due to current market conditions.​​

Aluminum cans:

Drink cans and some pet food cans are accepted.

​- No aluminum foil or pie pans

​- No steel mixed with aluminum cans

Aluminum Doors & Windows:

Separated for recycling at Twin Oaks, Statesville site only.


Antifreeze is accepted in quantities less than five gallons per visit from homeowners.

We do not accept antifreeze from businesses.


Appliances are recycled at all sites.

​ This includes large household appliances such as:

​- A/C Units

​- Refrigerators

​- Stoves

​- Washers

​- Dryers

​- Hot water heaters

Auto Batteries & Rechargeable Batteries:

Batteries are recycled at all the Iredell County Recycling Facilities for homeowners.

Cooking oil

Electronics Recycling:

​Electronics are recycled at all locations for residents, year-round.

- Includes computers and other electronic office equipment.

- This is open to homeowners only.

- A charge of $10 per unit will apply to CRT (the old picture tube type) televisions and computer monitors. 

- Televisions and monitors of ANY type are accepted at Twin Oaks Solid Waste Facility in Statesville and the Mooresville Transfer Station only!

- All other items on this list will be accepted free of charge at any Solid Waste Site.

Businesses may contact 704-928-2024 for information on recycling electronics.


Clean clear, and brown (only food containers and drink bottles).

Household Hazardous Waste:

​A household hazardous waste day is held twice a year - Spring and Fall.

- Last Saturday morning in April held at the Mooresville Public Operations Center on Highway 21, Mooresville

- Last Saturday afternoon in September held at the Iredell County Solid Waste Facility, Twin Oaks Road, Statesville

​Example of materials accepted at these events:

- Automotive fluids and cleaners

​- Fluorescent and CFL bulbs and ballasts

​- Herbicides and lawn care products

​- Mercury and metallic materials

- Non-rechargeable batteries

- Paint (limited to 15 one-gallon cans) and related materials

- Pesticides

Household and automotive materials are often hazardous waste and should be saved for a hazardous waste disposal date. Residents may contact a private firm specializing in this disposal. The one day semi-annual event is for homeowners only but businesses can contact the Recycling Coordinator for industrial contacts.

Mail Box Group:

This is a group of small recyclable items accepted at all sites in mailboxes.

​Items include:

​- Cell phones

​- Eye glasses

​- Hearing Aids

- Printer cartridges

- Rechargeable batteries

Mixed paper:

Includes all clean dry paper:

- Adding machine paper

- Shredded paper

- Catalogs

- Junk mail

- Magazines

- News paper

​- Notebook paper

- Office paper

- Phone books

Staples, plastic windows, clips and paper clips are okay if left on paper goods


​Clean, dry cardboard and paste board boxes can be recycled as long as all non-paper materials such as bubble wrap, wood skids, plastic bags, plastic wrapping and Styrofoam are removed. Items include corrugated cardboard, boxboard (shoe boxes, gift boxes), cereal boxes, heavy paperboard and frozen food boxes.

Paint Swap Shop:

Usable latex paint will be accepted at the Iredell County Solid Waste/Recycling Facility at the Twin Oaks Site in Statesville only. Latex paint is accepted daily and distributed on Fridays only.

Another Alternative:  Left over paint may be solidified by adding sand, dirt or kitty litter to fill and absorb the paint or be poured on cardboard to dry. When the paint is a solid it can then be disposed of in the trash safely. No liquids of any kind are permitted in the landfill. 


Pallets are banned from disposal in North Carolina landfills. Pallets must be segregated, free of waste, unpainted and are required to be recycled in the pallet recycling area. Pallets must not be intentionally damaged, altered or rendered unfit for recycling for purposes of avoiding this requirement. Tipping fee applies.

Pesticide Containers:

 Must be triple rinsed ​ 
- Recycled at the 901 and Twin Oaks Sites only ​

Plastic Bottles:

No plastic bags, cups, bowls, dishes, or toys. Please remember to rinse the bottles out! ​

Scrap Metal:

Scrap metal is recycled at all facilities. ​
This includes items like: ​ 
- Any assortment of scrap metals ​ 
- Bicycles ​ 
- Grills ​ 
- Lawn mowers without gas tanks  ​
- Metal lawn furniture ​ 
- Storm doors ​ 
- Tin ​

Steel food cans:

Separate aluminum from steel ​


Homeowners are allowed free disposal on five tires (off the rim) per year. At the Twin Oaks and Mooresville sites, a fee of $100/ton applies to tires off the rim. A fee of $150/ton applies for tires on the rim. Large equipment tires are accepted only at the Twin Oaks location at a cost of $250/ton.  ​

Tubes and Cores:

Fiber cores which consist of paper cores made from either recycled paperboard and/or linerboard, on which material may be wound for shipment, can be recycled at the Twin Oaks location.  ​

Used Oil:

Used oil is accepted in quantities less than five gallons per visit by homeowners at all the Iredell County Recycling Sites. We also recycle used oil filters. Oil filters must be drained first. We do not accept any used oil or oil filters from businesses. ​

Wood Waste, Yard Waste & Christmas Trees:

​ All clean dry, natural wood recycled at all locations except the 901 Site.