Online Registration

2024 Camp Registration will open April 1st!

The "Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire" (PEQ) will open March 25th. These information questions must be completed prior to (or during) registration for summer sessions.

Registration for weekly sessions will open Monday, April 1st, @ 8am online.  

We have an online registration system for our camp programs. Registration can also be completed at the Recreation Office. 

Spaces are limited!

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Campers at a Park
Registration from mobile devices/phones is not recommended. 
The mobile version does not support multiple enrollments (no “cart” to hold multiple activities), and other functions may also be limited.

You may complete the "Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire" separate from your registration for a camp session, or you may answer those questions at the same time you are "checking out" your shopping cart in the CivicRec system.

If a weekly session is marked in the registration program as full, please add your child to the wait list and you will be contacted via email when/if a space becomes available. Availability/openings can fluctuate as the session start approaches. Many that are placed on the waitlist can usually enroll as the session nears.

Please refer to the Parent Handbook for additional details!

To register for one of our summer camp programs, adult trips, or other programs or events, please go to our registration site.


For more information please call Brittany McNeill, 704-832-2326.