North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program

The North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program (NCACSP) was established in 1984 to help reduce the sources of agricultural non-point source pollution to North Carolina’s waters. The NCACSP helps landowners and renters of established agricultural operations improve their on-farm management by installing Best Management Practices (BMPs). The NCACSP is a financial assistance program geared to protect water quality. It is administered by the North Carolina Division of Soil and Water Conservation under the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
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Financial Assistance

Technical assistance is available free to landowners in local Soil and Water Conservation Districts throughout North Carolina. Technicians help landowners install best management practices that will improve water quality.

Financial assistance is offered to farmers to share the cost of the installation of the BMPs, up to 65% of the average cost for each BMP installed. The results can make farmers more productive while reducing the potential for polluting surface and groundwater.


Eligible BMPs include (among others):
  • Grassed waterways
  • Livestock exclusion systems (fencing and watering tanks)
  • Waste management practices
  • Waste storage pond closures
For a complete list of approved BMPs please contact our office.
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To be eligible for the program, applicants will be responsible for proving their agricultural status. The state has identified the following 3 methods applicants may use to verify this status

  • A copy of the farm owner or operator’s federal tax Schedule F (form 1040) or an equivalent form for the most recent tax year showing the owner or operator’s profit or loss from farming
  • A copy of the farm sales tax exemption certificate issued to the farm owner or operator by the Department of Revenue
  • A copy of the plan for forestland actively engaged in the commercial growing of trees under a sound management plan as defined in G.S. 105-277.2(6)


Iredell SWCD is currently holding an open sign-up for ACSP. If you are interested in participating in the program or would like additional information, please contact the Iredell SWCD at 704-873-6761, ext. 3, or stop by our office located at 444 Bristol Drive.

Additional information about ACSP can be found at the North Carolina Division of Soil and Water website.