Agricultural Development

The Agricultural Community

Iredell County has a strong agricultural base, this includes:
  • Agricultural tourism facilities, markets and other related uses
  • Farm based business including mills, farm supply stores, etc.
  • Individual farms
Iredell County consistently ranks in the top 10 in several farming commodities including: dairy, cattle, hay, and layers.

All of these factors are important in adding to Iredell County's economy and for enhancing local sustainability efforts. Iredell County has several local programs in place to help with farmland protection and has developed ordinances to help alleviate conflicts with some land use regulations and better accommodate farm type businesses in our rural areas.

Learn more about Farmland Preservation by visiting the webpage.


  • Bona fide farms are exempt from zoning regulations per NC GS 153A‐340
  • Determining what properties qualify for this exemption and what uses are exempt from zoning regulations requires looking at multiple criteria
Please contact staff to discuss exemption status by phone at 704-878-3127.

Agricultural Advisory Board

Visit the Agricultural Advisory Board page for:
  • Agendas
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Staff Report
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