Precinct Officials

The elections process needs many people involved. Each election involves quite a number of people working at the polling places, doing a variety of jobs – all concerned with furthering the democratic process.

Precinct election officials can be recommended by the political parties and are appointed by the Board of Elections for a 2-year term beginning in August of odd-numbered years and every 2 years thereafter.

Each voting place is staffed with a chief judge, 2 judges, and allotted assistants. The chief judge is appointed by the Board of Elections based on both political party and staff recommendations. The 2 judges represent each political party respectively and Assistants should represent both parties. Only 1 member of a family may serve as a precinct election official within a given precinct.

Chief Judge

The chief judge is the head official and is in charge of contacting the polling place, custodian and the other officials to make arrangements for each election. The chief judge is also responsible for handling election day activities as well as picking up and returning election day supplies before and after each election.


The judges work closely with the chief judge and are responsible for conducting the election in the chief judge’s absence. They must sign all official documents and serve on a panel to resolve any challenges. The chief judge assigns all other duties.

The assistants serve when needed and at the discretion and direction of the chief judge. The chief judge assigns all duties.