The main point of the Cardboard Boat Regatta is to have fun and support a great cause while doing it. We race for trophies and bragging rights only and are proud of it.

First Place Medal

Our races are held in bracket style. We will be holding initial heats based on ages of the crew. We will try to match adult teams with adult teams, child teams with child teams, etc. We will be giving a medal to the crew of the first place boat of these races.

Our grand prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

First Place in Final

The first boat to cross the finish line will be awarded this prize

People’s Choice

The best boat design as chosen by the attendees of the race

Titanic Award

Awarded to the most entertaining / dramatic sinking as chosen by our judges. If you can’t paddle, give us a show!

Pirate Award

After our final race, we will be holding one more, all (non-sunk) boats on deck race for a no holds bar finish. Participants are invited to use water guns, buckets, or any other method to slow their opponents and gain the advantage. Quick note, no physical contact is allowed nor is using anything that needs to be thrown (i.e. water balloons). Our judges will have final say on any method that is deemed to not be safe. The winner of that race will take the Pirate Award and be deemed the Pirate King/Queen of the Regatta!